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Prank your friends or create celebrity parodies using our Fake Snapchat Generator.

Tip: Try and select a vertical photo! A 9:16 aspect ratio will always fit better.
Enter the name of the person who sent this fake Snapchat.
Write a caption for this Snapchat. Leave this field blank if you do not want to add any text. You can add multiple lines to your caption if you wish.

How to generate a fake Snapchat image.

Useful information on how to use this tool.

Which images work best?

Vertical images will fit better than horizontal (landscape) images. The dimensions of a typical Snapchat is 1080 x 1920. Our tool will attempt to scale up your selected image to make it fit across the full width. As a result, images with an aspect ratio of 9:16 will always work better. With landscape photos, you will have to drag the image and resize it so that your fake Snapchat looks realistic.

How do I move or resize my image?

Once you select a custom image and it has been loaded, you will be able to tap on it and edit it. At this stage, you will be able to move your image around and resize it.

If you tap on your image, you will notice that blue squares appear on the sides and in each corner. For example, if you want to resize your fake Snapchat image, you can simply drag the bottom right-hand square outwards:

Resize tool

Although it might seem a bit awkward at first, if you play around with it, you'll find that it's actually pretty easy. You can even rotate the image by using the blue square at the very top.

How do I save my Snapchat?

Once you are finished editing your image and your caption, you can click on the Download Snapchat button. This will convert your fake Snapchat into a JPEG image and save it to your phone or computer.

Can I use emojis?

Yes, emojis can be used in both the caption and the senders name!

Other useful FAQs.

Answers to other questions that you might have.

Is my Snapchat image saved on your app / server?

No. The image that you select never leaves the page. It is not uploaded to our server. This is a client-side app, which essentially means that your fake Snapchat is generated inside your browser. Once you leave the page, it will be gone.

How was this tool made?

This generator was created using Fabric.js, which is a JavaScript HTML5 canvas library.