Fake TikTok Comment Generator

A fun app that allows you to generate a fake parody screenshot of a TikTok video comment. Prank your friends and make them think that someone famous commented on one of your videos!

If you are on mobile, you will need to configure the options below and then scroll down to view / download your fake screenshot.

Enter the username of the TikTok user who left posted comment.
What do you want this comment to say?
Select a profile picture for this TikTok user. Otherwise, the app will use the default user silhouette. P.S. Square images work better!
If this person is a celebrity or "TikTok famous", then you might want to display a verified badge.

But... you did this, for what?

Why not?!

Nah, the real reason I created this was because people are constantly posting fake screenshots of TikTok comments on their videos.

By creating this tool, I can at least prove that these things can easily be faked. Therefore, you shouldn't accept them as proof that some big TikTok user said X or Y. Unless you actually see the comment with your own eyes, be sceptical.

TikTok Famous.

Click on one of the celebrities below and our app will automatically create a fake TikTok comment from them. All you have to do is change the comment text.