Fake Reddit Message Generator

A tool that allows you to generate a fake Reddit inbox message.

Enter the username of the Redditor who sent this message.
Enter the subject for this message.
What do you want this message to say?
Was this Reddit message sent "2 hours go", "1 year ago", "4 months ago" or "2 days ago"?

Note: The screenshot will download as a higher-res PNG file. It won't look as blurry as the one shown in the preview above.

Why did you make this?

For years, people have been able to fake Reddit messages using the "Inspect Element" feature on their browser.

However, Inspect Element is a developer tool and using it requires a basic knowledge of how to edit HTML.

You also need a desktop browser in order to access such a feature.

This tool levels the playing field a little, so to speak. It should also prove as a warning that all screenshots can be faked.

Remember that the next time one is offered up as proof.